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The Advantage of an FPS Partnership for your Australian Business

There is a rising trend of customers in every industry leaning towards locally-sourced and Australian-made products. This is leading many manufacturers to innovate and develop new products that are wholly Australian-made. With product innovation comes new packaging as well. Packaging is itself a product; it introduces your product, protects it, displays it, preserves it, and […]


4 Packaging Design Tips to Ensure Your Brand Stands Out

A recent Nielsen study has reinforced what successful Australian product manufacturers already know – the importance of good packaging design in driving consumer decision-making and product purchasing behaviour. With a high number of purchase decisions being made at the point of purchase, it is becoming increasingly important that a product’s packaging is able to cut […]


Adding Value to your FPS Partnership

With a business model that is focused around attentive, personal customer service, it goes without saying that our customers always come first at FPS. That is why we are constantly investing in the areas that will make a difference to the customer experience – be it sales support, technological advances or new equipment. At FPS, we […]


New Address, New Capabilities

At FPS, we believe that great businesses grow and leave a legacy, and they do this through the cultivation of mutual value and trust. We are driven to excel in all areas – be it product excellence, outstanding customer service or innovating through investment. We are excited to share with you the announcement of our […]

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Enhancing The FPS Customer Experience

At FPS, we believe that great businesses grow and leave a legacy, and they do this through the cultivation of mutual value and trust. We are driven to excel in all areas – be it industry innovation, product excellence or outstanding customer service. For us, customer satisfaction is paramount – which is why our business […]

FPS Box Bags

FPS Box Bags – Innovating So You Save

When investing in something new for your business, the first thing to consider is how it will be of benefit. So how can Box Bags create huge savings? They offer more advertising real estate, a unique, customisable design, and the ability to meet a wide range of packaging needs. In addition, a major benefit to […]

FPS Box bag

FPS Box Bags are here!

FPS has always driven innovations in packaging solutions that meet individual packaging needs. One constant need that brands in supermarkets seem to face is the ability to stand out against competitors. FPS is breaking the mould and allowing brands to do just that. With five full printing faces, box bags maximise advertising real estate on […]


FPS Achieve Milestone 10 Years of HACCP Certification

Food safety has always been of paramount importance to us at FPS and we’re very proud to announce that we’ve now achieved 10 years of consecutive HACCP certification. Standing for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point, this certification has been synonymous with food safety for many years; and our ongoing certification is testament to the hard […]


All you need to know about lidding film

For over ten years FPS has been helping customers across the world to identify and create the most effective lidding solutions to meet individual packaging needs. Used in a wide range of retail, supermarket and bulk packed tray products, lidding film technology has developed a great deal in recent years, with FPS constantly seeking new […]


Convenience and Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed with our Resealable Solutions

It might surprise you to know that resealable packaging for consumer packaged goods was first introduced more than 20 years ago! However, due to the difficulty and cost of incorporating the new technology into existing manufacturing structures, it has only been in the last decade that resealable packaging has become a formidable presence on our […]